Hi guys! 

So i'm writing about a brand. called Ouai I fell in love with the products the first time I used them. My hair is thin and fine and without any volume . I used to try all kinds of sea salt sprays, texturing sprays, make my hair thicker sprays, volume sprays but nothing was helpful until I started to use these products. 

I often use the wave spray to get some volume and movement in my hair. You can use it for your wet hair but also for your dry hair. 

For my curls I first use the memory mist and then the texturizing spray. You can also use the texturizing spray to add volume and stop this fine hair shizzle. 

If I want to create a sleek look I use the finishing cream from Ouai. It helps to control the baby hairs. Because of all these stylings I use a little bit of this rose hair oil. You only need a little bit otherwise your hair gets greasy. 


They got a lot of other products which I really wanna try. I think this brand is one of the best for haircare and styling. I totally recommend these products to everyone. I doesn't matter if you got thin hair like me or thicker hair. 


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I was looking for a product like this. Especially since I've been back to blonde. Every woman with blonde hair knows the struggle with the yellow shade in her hair. I found this product in london at Sally's. It's 100% vegan, without any cruelty. so it means 100000+ points for this. I really love the silver shampoo from Maria Nila. It's more effective than the one from L'Oreal and it doesn't destroy my hair and it doesn't make my hair feel fatty or heavy. Not only blondies profit from the products of Maria Nila but also all other women. I recommend this to everyone. The range is big and for every type of hair. Brands like this should be supported for the great work and the socialism.

Pictures from Maria Nila

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Just the name sounds interesting doesn't it? In the beautiful city called London, near to the station Notting Hill Gate, can you find this wonderful place which offers fresh/organic food and drinks like avocado toast, acai bowl or different mixed juices. The food is absolutely delicious and the staff is really friendly. The first time when I went to this restaurant I was impressed by the simple beauty of this location. Everything screams "take a picture of me!". It is a dream for every blogger and photographer with this scandinavian design and the bright light. This place gives you the feeling of sitting in the coolest eatery somewhere in Stockholm or Kopenhagen with its white furnishings and the decent plants everywhere. Even the salt looks fancy! I recommend it to everyone who is going to enjoy some days in London. It's definitely a place to be!

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Named a category after it but I've never written about the real meaning of this word. It wasn't easy to find the right words and write those sentences without having weak effect on you. Those lines are written a long time ago and I worked on them over and over again. 


The thing in life that can change you like nothing else. The thing you might share with a woman or a man. The one thing that can make everything complicated or everything so easy in your life. I think love is the one thing that has the most influence on us. It can make you do things you've never thought you would do.


The question is why do we love? Why do we feel so much for a person? Partly for people who don't deserve our love and we excuse them for all the bad things they do because we love them. Why do we love people although they have characteristics we don't like or even hate? What happens to us in the second we fell in love? And how can some people lose their minds just because of love?


Sometimes it doesn't make sense at all and we can't explain why we feel so much for this person but we even can't change the fact that we love. it's such a powerful and strong feeling. The meaning of love can vary for everyone of us and everyone feels it in a different way.


I think the most beautiful thing regarding love is that it makes people so happy and they have this sparkle in their eyes and in some stories you create a little human made of love. I don't know yet how it feels when you look at your baby and you know this one is made of love, which you have shared with your partner but I can imagine that this moment is precious and with nothing else comparable. What a wonderful thought.


Some people get cold because of the disappointment of a person they love or loved. It's not a must but I saw a lot of people who turned unloving. They were hurt by someone they've really loved. He / She is scared of love and the other side of it. The line between happiness and upset is very thin in this game.


I think the unconditional love is the most dangerous one. I don't talk about the uncoditional love between your mother / father and you, or between your brother / sister and you. I talk about this kind of love to your partner. Sounds hard but you're lost if you feel something like that for someone because this love stays no matter how he / she treats you. 


I had a lot of conversations with different people and lovers and I heard so many stories. As well my own ones who thaught me about love and no love. I saw blank despair in their faces and eyes because of the fact that they don't know what to do, how to handle the whole situation or because of the fear of never getting away from the one person they invested so much time, hope, trust and feelings.


In spite of that you should never lose your hope and your ability to love. Never get bitter because of someone who hasn't known what a beauty you are and always keep in your mind that you're never too young nor too old for love.

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I really, really love the music of The Weeknd. It reminds me of an important, funny and crazy time with my best friend. He's just a god and the Michael Jackson of our generation. I bought two tickets for me and best friend. The concert was in Zurich. This weekend was almost the last one I could spend with my best friend before she's leaving and takes her flight to Santa Monica. This means my bestie and I are separated for 3 months. Since we know each other we almost spend every minute together. There was never a long period we haven't seen us. So the concert of The Weeknd was a good way to make some last memories together before our journeys begin. The concert was amazing and the whole money worth it. It was the kind of concert you leave and you love the music more than before! I feel blessed for nights and memories like this. His voice is such a gift. He sang songs from the old albums and as well from his new album "Starboy". He only sang the best songs. Okay some songs I really love were missing but nevertheless it was great. The set and his performance were just perfect, it was an amazing show. A big plus was the opening act Bryson Tiller. He sings one of my favourite songs "Exchange". If you don't know him you should start your spotify and listen to his music, I love his smooth, a little bit dirty porn way of hip hop. Unfortunately he hadn't sung all songs I love but "exchange" was one of the songs he has performed. So I was happy. The Weeknd is definitely someone I want to see again live.

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The day that every single fears and the couples partly celebrate. Valentine's day is here and I got a big red cross in my calendar. Goal of the day? Surviving the day without an alcohol intoxication or overdose of ben & Jerry's. Just Kidding! I think the people who make a big deal about valentine's day aren't the couples. The singles are the ones who push this day and worry about it. Probably it's because this day reminds you that you aren't in a relationship and that makes you feel lonely or something like that. I've always celebrated this day with my single ladies. It's no problem if you have more singles in your circle of friends than wifeys. If you're the only single in your group then you have a little problem. But in the end Valentine's day is the day of the lovers and you can love everyone so why always associate this day with a relationship? In my opinion you don't need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to celebrate this day. You can celebrate this day with your parents, brothers or sisters, with your girls or with your mate.....whatever. The thought that you celebrate love on this day is the essential.. So to all my singles out there, don't be afraid of this day, take someone you love and celebrate the fact that you have each other in your lives.

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Okay I told you that after my appointment with my hairdresser I went to the Lush store to buy the R&B hair cream. So since then I use this cream everyday. First of all it smells so delicious!! But not only this reason speaks for this cream also the fact, that the cream does a great job. It makes my hair so smooth, shiny and silky. I'm absolutely in love with this product and recommend everyone to buy it too. The best thing about it is that it consists of natural ingredients!! What I have to say is that you should keep attention on the quantity you're going to use. Woman with thin hair shouldn't take too much otherwise your hair gets oily. You only need a little bit on the fingertip and knead your hair with the paste. I think this cream will survive 6 months at least!

It was a good decision to spend my money on this this product! Convince yourself!


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I'm the person who always needs a change. now I'm thinking about bangs. On Saturday I have the pleasure to visit my cousin and her wonderful team to getting my hair done. I'm going to color my hair in a grey/ ash shade once again and cut my hair-ends. I saw a blogpost from my cousin about bangs and I really liked the picture of Hailey Baldwin. I think my hair would get a little more pep with long bangs. My hair is very thin, fine and has no volume and that's why it looks mostly boring.

But what I don't like about bangs is that you always have hair in your face, the messy bun isn't that easy with bangs too and I have a face like a full moon (without contouring) haha! very round so maybe it doesn't work like I want it. Always that thinking about pro and contra... I'm going to discuss this with my cousin.. she knows best. we will see....keep you posted! ;-)

Picture from

Picture from Selena here

Ashley Olsen bangs

Kendall Jenner

Picture from Rachel Mcadams from here

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I dedicate this blogpost to the girl behind the camera. The woman who supports me and helped me creating this blog. The girl that pushes me and the girl which gives me creativity and ideas. The one I'm thankful for. The one I'm glad to have in my life and the one who always backs me up. The one who always laugh about or with me. The one who's never embarrassed, regardless how crazy the shit, I'm doing, is. I'm one of the luckiest to have this beautiful woman by my side and call her my best friend. She's beautiful, she's smart, she's funny, she's loyal and she's warm. She saw me on my worst and stayed.

Thank you for all journeys I could spend with you, thank you for all the nights we turned into mornings, thank you for all the hours we just talked and listened to each other, thank you for every joke that made me laugh, thank you for all the love you gave me and thank you that It always feels like home when I'm with you.

My wonderful and lovely bestie, I love you more than I ever could say. 

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Gucci is the brand this season. not only the bag collection also the shoes they have this year are breathtaking and every fashion blogger is in love with Gucci. Of course I'm in love with it. too but unfortunately I have no money to buy me the Dionysus bag or the fur slippers. ;-) But no problem there's always a way to dress like the famous fashionistas. So for all the normal standard people I have some alternatives.

these babes are the original Gucci slippers. Wonderful or nah? the price is about 650 euros.

the picture is from here

Luckily Zara always knows when there's a trend you need to follow.

This is the alternative. It costs about 50 euros.

The most seen bag at the moment is the Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme. I really really love the design. What a beautiful bag and it works almost with everything.

The big one costs about 1750 Euros. The small one is about 1250 Euros.


Picture and info from the official Gucci page

and here Zara is also the winner for an alternative.

this bag is one of the most look-alikes. the only disadvantage is the size. It's way smaller than the original from Gucci but it costs about 30 Euros but as well the bag is now only 18 Euros.

Get it online with this link.

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I had a lot of hair colors in my life. from platine to black, Rihanna red, hazel-caramel brown, barbie blonde, grey and so on. The fact, that I still have hair on my head is a wonder but I have to say, that I really take care of my hair. the newest and best way to treat your hair good is Olaplex. Every hairdresser I asked is fascinated about this product. It is a 3-phase treatment for coloring your hair and the care after that. All week I use to do a hair mask with this product for helping my hair getting healthy. After every hair wash I use a moisture spray from phyto. The spray has only natural ingredients. It's a bomb of oils and the best for dry hair. I also use the mythic oil which has a lot of argan oil. I do this when my hair is towel dry. The best products for washing your hair is from Sebastian the hydre collection. It's expensive but worth it. I always had the shampoo and conditioner. Use the conditioner only for the lengths otherwise you get oily hair. I try to avoid the heat of the hairdryer. It also helps to keep your hair soft and healthy.


If you want to read about the products I use for my hair you'll find some links below.







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I told you that I have an appointment at the hairdresser. So I went to my cousins saloon in Lucerne to get my hair done. I decided to bleach my hair and color it grey. The two little problems you may have with grey hair is that first grey is based on blue so it is possible to have a blue undertone, the second problem is that grey is difficult to keep. So you have to color your hair like all 3 weeks to keep the effect. I use the silver shampoo from L'Oreal Paris to keep it grey.

I have to admit that at the first 2 days I wasn't sure if it was right what I did. but now I am very happy about my decision. Everyone told me that the color looks good on me.

after I have gotten my natural hairline, I will do highlights and again a shading that we can create a beautiful color gradient.

First it looked Like that. I Liked the grey color but I was scared of the blue hairline so my cousin washed my hair with bleach. So the Blue Hairline disappeared.

I really love the hair color of angelica blick in this picture. It was my original when I went to the hairdresser.

I got this picture from we heart

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I told you that my 6th tattoo is in progress and finally it's finished. after 2 sessions at the tattoo studio I got my tattoo I've always wanted. the tattoo is big and adorns the whole inside of my forearm. This tattoo will always remind me that the power of someone can change a whole industry, that being not that what everyone expects or wants is the best thing, never give up, fight and vouch for your opinion and never let the critic of people bring you down or make that you have doubts about yourself. This woman is a legend and of course my ideal. She was strong and had visions. She had her own opinion no matter how many people criticized her. She changed a industry with her simple style and stands in for a true elegance. She was a real revolutionist and for me she is one of the greatest people that ever lived. 


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My passion for photography began really, really early. I guess I was 5 years old when I found the old Minolta camera from my dad. I photographed everything i saw. My first pictures were not really good.. Haha. when I was 6 or 7 years old i took a picture. my mom always supported and believed in me and my work. then you had to get a film developed and they have sent you the pictures to your home. My pictures arrived and my mom found a picture she couldn't believed that her little girl took this picture and so it began...

when I was 14 years old my mom has presented me an Olympus E420 camera, which I use now since 7 years. I always take the camera with me when I'm traveling and when I take pictures for my blog. Below you can find a part of my work.


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in 6 weeks it's again this time of the year. delicious food, presents, gingerbread, family and the beloved ones, it's Christmas. the cities are full of lights and markets, Starbucks sells toffe nut latte and there is a mood in the air that makes you feel comfortable. The Saturdays before Christmas are for Christmas presents shopping and everyone tries to find the perfect gift for the family members. the TV Programm is full with movies like "Kevin - home alone" or "the polar express". It is such a wonderful and magical time.

I have to admit, that i wasn't a fan of Christmas but since 2 Years I love this time of the year and I'm always excited for this yule. I love to spend my time with my family, have a good time and laugh about all the stories we share together. As well I love to present gifts to the people I love. especially when I found the perfect one.

We celebrate Christmas 3 times. on the 24th december we're just 3 persons, my mum, my stepdaddy and me. We eat 5 different fish dishes. On Christmas eve we celebrate with my 2 older brothers, with my auntie and my uncle with their kids and with the kids from my stepdad. It is always a big feast.

The third time we celebrate with my godmother. she cooks her famous roast with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Everyone in our family loves this menu.

Last year we have celebrated my friends birthday on the 26th december. so after eating to much we went to a club and enjoyed good techno the whole night.  it was a such a funny night.

My babes and me thought about to create a girls Christmas this year. So we just eat together at someone's place and have a good time with wine and gingerbread.


how do you spend your Christmas time? Do you like Christmas or are you a Grinch? write it down! ;-)

Picture via

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Hi guys! Today I want to talk about a hair style I really felt in love with. It's about a long bob in ash blonde. My next visit at the hairdresser is in 2 weeks and at the moment I'm fighting against my hair. I'm at the point that I have to say, "cut this shit off".  Do you know this feeling when you want to go to the hairdresser and it has to be now, Not in 2, weeks not tomorrow, no you want to go now!? Haha Girls are crazy sometimes or is it just me? :) Okay so I am thinking about cutting my hair and of course color it. What do you think about this hairstyle? Do you like it?

Pictures via Pinterest

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I do not know how you feel about hairdressers but I love to go to the hairdresser and get my hair done. Some of my friends do not have "that hairdresser". My best friend for example tries different beauty salons and she never has the same hairdresser. I have to Say, when I was younger I didn't care about that too, just try and hope he/ she cuts my hair in the way I want it. after all I have found my Hairdresser and I was such a lucky girl because she always got it right. Unfortunately she has quitted her job and now she works in a office, her luck, my Misfortune. I have to admit that I felt a little bit lost without her. 

After a year I decided to change my hair color from black to ash blonde (My natural Hair Color). Guys please, never ever color your hair in such a different way from your natural like I did.  It is one of my biggest mistakes I have ever made.

So okay I found a Hairdresser who was good but at the end, too expensive for what I got. I didn't know what I should do. luckily my cousin opened her own beauty salon In Lucerne 2 years ago. her website is not only about the salon it is also a blog where she explains and writes about the newest hair trends. I went to her and told her What I Want to do with my hair. As I expected she told me that back to blonde is a long way but we can create it beautiful and that is was she did. today I am almost a ash Blondie and I have to say I never had a terrible hair color during my journey black-Blonde. The last time I Joined a beautiful time at my hairdresser I got highlights with a ash shading and two braids.


my Swiss and German people check out the website of her

From Black to Blonde.

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so today I celebrate my 21th birthday. I really love birthdays and the fact that my best friend is only 10 hours older than me, redounds us to celebrate the whole weekend. my best friend's birthday was on the 21th of September. We are lucky girls because it is good weather. so we can enjoy our special days fully. this weekend we planned a girls dinner at her home and on Saturday all our friends are coming to my flat and celebrate and drink and after that we are going to a free act of Solomun at the "fondation Beyeler".. It is a beautiful location. After that we do not know how the night will end. ;-). Keep you posted guys! :)

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So my Passion for tattoos began really early. I would say, I was 12 years old when I got fascinated about this kind of art.  After 9 years I still love tattoos and of course the ones I have. I am really excited to tell you that my 6th tattoo is almost in progress. On Saturday I will meet my tattoo artist to talk about my next one. No worries, I will keep you posted guys. ;-)

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