My thoughts are circulating and I'm asking myself "when is enough, enough?". How long do we have to fight for something without giving up? I think everyone of us had to fight for something or someone in the past but when is it enough? Are we losers when we decide to give up? How long can we fight for something until we decide to stop and are we going to regret that we gave up? Does it depend on the situation? If you fight for someone how long is fair? Can we leave without the feeling of losing? Do we have to fight until we're lost? Is this the point when enough is enough? Are we disloyal when we decide to go and never come back because we can't fight anymore, we're tired of it, we can't see the reasons why we should continue fighting for something/ someone? Why do we fight for something/ someone longer than for others / other things? What is it that motivates us? Love, ambition, our pride or is it the illusion of how it could be if we don't give up? Or are these the things that cause stop fighting? Is our generation spoilt by all the possibilities and constant urge to find something better? And what about our parents or grandparents, have they been fighting longer for what they wanted? Are we the weak and lazy generation? And shall we take a cue from Shakespeares famous drama Romeo and Juliet and fight for something even if it could cost our lives?  

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I bought my first Gucci bag and everyone in my inner circle knows that this means a lot for me. It‘s a big gift from me to me. this bag is hard work. I worked the whole year for this bag and when I look back I‘ve never believed that I will be able to afford something like this! I don‘t judge the people who get the money to buy this luxury, if it‘s from your parents, godfather or grandparents! If they give you the money for something like that I’m sure you deserve it! 


I grew up as a normal girl. I‘ve never missed something in my childhood! I had everything I needed! But in my young years I learned that you have to work for your money. Nothing can be created out of nothing. Don‘t take everything you get for granted. Be thankful for everything no matter what it is or how much it costs! Don‘t forget to keep your feet on the ground. I know this Instagram world shows you the perfect lives but keep in your mind that those pictures are just a captured moment and it‘s more show than reality. The perfect couple without any problems? The girl who always eats pizza but is skinny as fuck? I'm not saying I‘m not a victim of it! Of course I just show the best moments of my life and not the moments I‘m without make up, with spots, with a fat belly because I ate too much and greasy hair. All the luxury products are nice to have but they don‘t make a nice person. Labels and money aren't the important things in life. Love, hard laughs, good time with the people you love, a warm bed and daily food that are things that are precious. I just want that you always keep in your mind that all that glitters isn‘t gold and if you want something you have never had you have to do something you have never done.

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On my 21st birthday my wonderful friend surprised me with an unbelievable present. I could choose one city and she will pay the trip for us. Sorry but how blessed I am with a girl like her in my life? And not only because of the present also because she's such a lovely, warm and beautiful woman. Blessed blessed blessed! So on the 14th of October was the day! We passed 6 wonderful days there and celebrated her birthday. I've never been in Barcelona before and that's the second reason why I was so excited! 

We had a really good time and spend a lot of money for shopping, food and drinks. We went to the mountain Montjuïc and had a wonderful view over Barcelona. After that we had a delicious dinner at "Terraza Martinez". The view was beautiful and they played Frank Sinatra. Definitely my favorite restaurant in Barcelona. For breakfast I preferred to go to Flax&Kale or Brunch&Cake. Salad bowls at brunch&Cake and avocado Toast at Flax&Kale. Perfect starts into a new day.


5,5 years after my first time, I went back to the city of lovers. Yes we're talking about Paris. The first time I was in Paris I was 16. I was with one of my best friends and her mother. So we thought it's time to go back to this city and spend a long weekend there. I'm really happy about this decision because since I have read the book "how to be Parisian" I wanted to visit this city again. It was different this time. Not only because we were alone without her mum also because we're older. Some interests changed, but shopping stayed! But this time we enjoyed the beauty of Paris in another way and we saw things differently. Maybe Paris didn't change but we did. But I still love it. We did a little shopping, went to the exhibition of Christian Dior, had some good drinks at the experimental cocktail club and we ate delicious food. Thank god some friends gave me those recommendations. When you want to drink a tasty drink I would recommend the experimental cocktail club and the drink is called Experience 1 and the other one was called Feliz. Pink Mamma (for Italian food) and Miss Ko ( for sushi) are now my favourite restaurants in Paris! A wonderful ambience and delicious food.

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I have something new for all my people from Switzerland. Forget Zara or H&M Home. There‘s a new shop in Basel called Esmée!

First of all the design is all we are always looking for: simple, timeless and beautiful with a scandinavian flair. The designer is danish and you can see it in every beautiful piece.


The store has the same concept, simple but beautiful. The products are available in different colors and they‘ve built color themes so it‘s very easy to find your piece in your favourite colour. One colour one shelf, they couldn‘t make it easier for their customers.


Last but not least the prices! I was speechless because I like to decorate my home and make it more beautiful with pillows, candles and other home accessories but the most times when I was in interior shops the prices were too high for what it was. This is definitely over now. The prices are low but the products aren‘t cheap. Perfect for everyone who loves to decorate rooms.

I recommend a visit at Esmée! You will love the store like I do.

Find their gallery on Instagram Esmée.

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TODAY IS THE DAY! For one weekend I'm coming home to my big love London. I'm so excited to see my friends again. It feels like I was away for years. I miss this city almost every day and I'm the happiest when I can go back. I'm planning some more trips for the next months. I'm so excited to get my tattoos done , to buy some new sweaters and knitwear, to walk trough the streets and to eat at my favourite restaurants. There's a voice in my head that says 3 Days are not enough and I'm trying to ignore it but I think the voice is right. Watch my Instagram story to see what I'm doing in London. Hope you enjoy it! 


Today I turn twenty-two. A lot happened in the last year. I made a lot of beautiful and instructive experiences. I lived in London for 10 weeks, where I met wonderful people from all over the world. I grew and changed, I have a new position in my job, I started to study at school and I learned a lot about life, love and relationships.. With my 22nd birthday this blog turns one. Since one year I'm showing you a part of my life - my fashion, my love and my lifestyle and I continue with that. I'm always in a process to get better and to show you more and more. No matter how many followers or readers I have. 

Here's a little thank you! Thanks to all the people who support(ed) me and thanks to all the people who read my blog. You are the best. And now cheers to you!


Tomorrow I'm finally going to Ibiza! I'm so excited to be there for a long weekend and celebrate life with my friends. It's the 3rd time I'm travelling to this Island. I love the Ibiza vibes, the beach, the hippie market and the parties. What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza - perfect statement for this island innit? There are two favourite places I like to eat. The one is called Kanya and the other one's name is Bambuddha. Two really nice locations where you can eat good food with a great atmosphere. My favourite party in Ibiza is called "Music is the ANTSWER!" at Ushuaia. I love the location, the people, the music and the fact that the party is outside in the pool area of the hotel.. There are a lot of good parties in Ibiza but it's always very crowded.


I think everyone should travel once (at least) to Ibiza. Not only for the parties also for the beauty of the island. Last year we rent a car and drove around the island and it's just fascinating. There are so many beautiful beaches and they aren't completely full of tourists. I recommend to everyone to rent a car, quat or a motorcycle.


To see what am I doing there you can follow my instagram story. See you guys! Keep calm and fly to Ibiza!


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What would we do without our phones? When someone ask us this question everyone gives the same answer: "I could survive without it!" but if we are honest no one likes to be without his/her phone and we really need it for daily things like google something, when we can't find a place, to stay in contact with our friends and family or to check our profiles on the social media. Everyone is a little bit addicted to the phone. To avoid scratches and damages on my phone I care about it with a case and a film for the screen. I think everyone hates this moment when your phone runs out of battery. That's why you need a power bank. I have some wonderful people in my life who gave me the equipment for my phone for free and let me try the products. The products match with me and my style perfectly and I'm in love with them.



The cases are so cute and perfect for summer. They also protect my phone perfectly.



The power bank which looks like a lipstick is small so you can put it in every bag, as well in a clutch. I love the look of it and it's so light.


The film is made out of bulletproof glass. I already had one and believe me it was worth it. My phone looked so damaged but I just had to change the film and now it's like new.


You can find everything online or in the store.


It's been a long time ago since my last post. Feel so quilty but the time in London was flying. I really got used to this life there. Every minute I fell in love again with this city. I met a lot of different and nice people which made my stay there perfectly. I spend my day at school until 15.40 and after that I enjoyed the time with my friends. Sometimes we just had a coffee and sometimes we visited a museum, monuments or other things like that. If the weather was nice we enjoyed our time in a park and talked about everything. The first days were hard because everything was new and I missed my beloved ones. Nevertheless, after the first week I really got used to everything there. A lot of swiss people were in london. Sometimes I really loved to speak my mother language and the fact that I don't have to think about every word. I also met a lot of italian people. The first thing they thaught me was, never be on time. They're always late.. hahaha it's not the same with swiss or british people. At the end I got used to this too. The sad thing is that you meet people and you like them but after some weeks they leave. So your circle isn't constatly the same. The good thing is that every Monday new people arrive so you have the chance to meet again new characters.


I also got a new tattoo. It shows the building I think it's the most beautiful and every time I look at it I'm perfectly happy.

The tat I got reminds me of the beautiful time in london. It has a lot of details and it took 8 hours but the artist is a god! The lines are so thin and the whole tattoo looks like a photography. I'm going back to LoNdon to finish my arm.

You can see his work on his Instagram profile @Lux47.


It would be a lie if I would tell you I hadn't time for my blog but to be honest I was just too lazy and I'm always up to something here. It isn't the same like in Switzerland and my blog is definitely not the same without my friends who always support me and take the pictures for it.



I loved my life abroad and now I know I could live in another country. London isn't that far away from home and I always could go back. I was a little bit afraid of this moment of coming home to my normal life. Surely, I missed my friends and my family but the only desire deep inside is to travel, live in different places/countries and make as much experiences as possible. That are your twenties or not? So what can I say.... for everyone who doesn't have the experience of living abroad and for the one who never had the taste of the freedom; break out of your comfort zone, enjoy every minute of it and never think it was a bad decision. The only things you could regret are the ones you never did.

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So to get you a little closer, I'm writing about some facts about me.


1. I'm very impatient. I hate to wait until I can buy something, I hate to wait for people (but I'm mostly late), I hate to wait for an appointment or news etc.. If I want something I want it now.


2. I'm chaotic and organised at the same time. I have an organisation (and nobody except from me understands this organisation) in my disorder.


3. I often curse and I should more watch my language. I use words, which a woman shouldn't use.


4. I'm always stressed. You could give me three hours to get ready and I wouldn't make it.


5. I'm the only girl in the family and grew up with two older brothers. They Hardened me for the rest of my life.


6. I'm a cat freak and I fear that I end up like the cat lady from The Simpsons.


7. I've never had a serious relationship.


8. If I could choose I would love to have twins, but in the end I want three kids. 


9. I almost listen to every kind of music. I listen to techno, indie rock/pop, alternative, R&B, hiphop or oldie's (80's&90's). I was on a lot of different concerts and festivals.


10. I'm a real day dreamer and I don't notice persons (when I'm alone) in the city because I'm so busy with my own thoughts and the music I'm listening to that Barack Obama could walk next to me and I wouldn't get it.


11. I love harry potter and I watched every movie about 30 times. Can't wait for London!!


12. I always equivocate and make nasty jokes.


13. I always cry when I watch a film like "Me before you" "the fault in our stars" or "if I stay" and when I say cry I mean cry. It's not that I just have tears rolling down my cheeks. Nobody can console me in this moment. I'm a cry-baby.


14. I don't believe in god but I believe in fate. I believe that everything has a reason. Sometimes you don't see the reason why but after a certain time you'll understand it and see the positive thing in it.


15. Before I die I want to learn how to surf and I want to backpack in Asia.


16. I'm that kind of girl that drinks beer, watches stupid and senseless movies or I watch football games and eat pizza. I love to dress well and chic but I wouldn't like a date in a expensive and fancy restaurant. I'm the simple kind of woman.


17. When they meet me the first time, most people think that I'm pretty arrogant. I'm completely the difference. I'm extroverted and love to meet new people and cultures and listen to the stories from people all over the world and I don't (or I try) judge people because of the first impression and I'm not superficial. I don't care about how other people look like as long as they are friendly.


18. I get angry/ agressive when someone drives too slow, especially when this person drives in front of me. In addition I always sing loud and "dance" while driving.😂


19. I would never concern an attractive guy (when I'm sober). I'm pretty shy regarding men and so I would never do the first step.


20. I hate when someone eats or breaths too loud. It's a "disease" called misophonia and it means "hatred of sound".


21. I'm half swiss and half austrian and I have four italian first names.

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For the first time I'm writing about a man topic. I'm not sure when it started, this man bun trend and the long hair but I have to say that I like it. Before this trend has begun the most men have worn the hair long at the top and the sides were short.  David Beckham like. So what I noticed is that Brooklyn Beckham started to grow his hair. May the Beckham's are just the trendsetter family? After I noticed that lil Beck's has long hair, I had the feeling that every man is growing his hair now. So however and whoever started with this trend, It is a success. I was never the kind of woman who liked guys with long hair but I won favour with it when I was in Bali. I like the "old" hair trend too but I have to say guys with long hair don't look that bad like I always thought. Hipster or nah it doesn't matter.


It's funny that the guys who have this hairstyle, sometimes look very similar. Or to express it differently they're almost the same type of man.


Man bun, tattooed and (often) bearded.


Are man like fashion? We (the women) just follow the trend? Is this a situation like: " The 70's are back and strangely enough I like the colour mix brown and orange?" Okay I always had a weakness for tattooed and bearded men but is this just a manipulation of our taste in men? And Is it the same in a man situation? When it's in to have a bob and every woman cut one do suddenly every guy likes girls with short hair?  


Okay it's going to be a Carry Bradshaw moment!


So ladies what do you think about this trend? Did you get a brainwash too? 😉

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The trend about the healthy lifestyle began, I think, in 2013. Suddenly everyone was doing sport and began to take care about the food they're eating. For some people it wasn't A change because they always lived with sport and healthy food. Others began to change their lifestyle and become fitter. Whatever, this trend is still in and has a lot of followers.

When I was younger I played volleyball but I never took special care about my eating habits. I was young and my shape was alright. But especially when I begun my apprenticeship I had no time for the training or the games and I only had one hour for lunch. I gained weight in this time. I always thought I will loose some weight when I begin to work, but nope. ^^ I didn't recognized what happened but I had a person who made a joke about it and I saw what happened to me. No worries, today I'm thankful that this person said something to me and I love him for that. With this joke he has motivated me like no one before.

It began all in January 2014. I wanted to be fit and loose weight until my summer vacay. So I changed my eating habits and I did exercises for one hour everyday. I ate a lot of vegetables, grilled chicken, fruits, fish, low carb but high-protein. At the beginning it was hard. Not only the workout but the change of my habits. Let's be honest but fries and pizza are life!! ;-) I lost almost 8 kilos in 6 months and got my ancient weight back.

Today it isn't a must to eat healthy. It's totally normal for me and I really like that lifestyle. Okay sometimes I'm weak and eat chocolate (typical Swiss girl ;-)) but this Is absolutely okay. I go to the gym 3 - 4 times a week and I eat everyday healthy food. So I think it's okay to be a little bit weak sometimes. This lifestyle was a good change in my life. It feels so good when you did your workout and eat in the right way. Not only for your body, also for your soul. I don't want to give you advices because I only can speak for myself and in the end everyone knows best what works for him or herself.


Here are some blogs with recipes for healthy and delicious food.


Sprouted Kitchen

Green Kitchen Stories


Naturally Ella

HELLO 2017!

I hope you all had a good start into the new year! At the first day of the new year my start was good but then I got sick and had to stay at home for 2 days. I slept very bad and had fever. However I'm back in the game.

So I'm ready for 2017 because it will bring a lot of changes. Especially my stay in London for 10 Weeks. I'm so excited about it and can't wait until the 2nd of April. It will be an experience I will never forget in my life and I'm happy that I can do it. In may I will enjoy some days in Bari (Italy) because my stepdad's birthday. I'm also excited about the city trip I will do with two of my friends. At the moment we don't know yet which city we're going to see but we're interested in Lisbon, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Venice. My best friend told me that I would like Nice. We will see.. it will be definitely a cool time with my babes. Something that I really want is to spend a weekend on Ibiza. I love this island! Unfortunately I couldn't stay some days there in 2016 because I had to save money. So this year, hopefully, will be full with journeys. I also like to see the beauty of Marrakech and Santorin. We will see what opportunities the new year brings, but I'm optimistic.

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All year we set the countdown and wait until the clock strikes 00.00 pm.... "HAPPY NEW YEAR!". Some people always say the same like: "This year will change everything", "This year I become a new person" "This year I'm going to be healthy, stop smoking and drinking and and and...". I have to say that I'm not that person who makes new year's resolutions and I'm not a fan of the new year's eve... You don't have to wait until the 31th of December to change your life or the way you live it. You can do it any time you want. Why waiting for this day?


Going out on NYE is always troublesome. Everyone, also the ones who never go out, is in the clubs and everything is just too expensive just because it's this day of the year. I love to spend this night at home with good friends. We're cooking and drinking together and talk about all the crazy shit we have done in this year and what is going to happen next year and just celebrate life. Maybe we have learned something in this year, maybe we have changed in this year,.. I think the most important thing is to start a new year with your beloved ones..


And this thing about who you're going to kiss on 00.00 pm. Why should I kiss someone? If a kiss makes the new year better, than I'm fucked up! Regarding this day you can call me a little grumpy cat. HAHA! Life as a single!


In spite of everything, I wish you all a happy new year and just the best! May your night be as awesome as you are! ;-)


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I was scrolling through my laptop and looking for the latest pictures when I found this.. Pictures I have taken one year ago. I had long black hair as you can see. Shortly after this time I began to color my hair From this black to the grey blonde I have now. Funny how one year can pass by and you don't notice until you found something like this. You always think it's always the same until you look back and see the changes you have made in one year. Why did i changed the color of my hair back to blonde? So I was in Ibiza and had a little hairline of my natural hair color. My best friend saw that and said that I'm stupid.^^ I got a tan in summer and have natural ash blonde hair like a swedish girl. I also was tired of always coloring my hair because all 6 weeks I had a hairline. So I thought my best one was right. So I decided to go back to blonde.  

What do you think about the change? what do you like more, Blonde-Grey or Black?

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There's nothing better than to be lazy on a Sunday. I often go out on Saturday So on Sunday I just chill, eat brunch with my family, watch series, do some research for my blog or I blog. I only move for food and when I need to go to the toilet. When it's good weather I may can leave the house for a walk, for coffee and talk with my girls or for cinema. But usually I am the laziness in person. I love my bed too much so I can't leave it. I only wear sweatpants, a oversized shirt or pullover and fluffy socks with my messy bun. At the moment it is the right weather to do something like that on a Sunday. The sky is grey and its cold outside, so why leaving the house? You can chill the whole day without bad conscience. What are doing on a Sunday?


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Guys I can't believe that my favourite holiday is that near. Halloween is coming! I love love love it!! There are always cool parties and tutorials for Halloween make ups. The best Movies are in the TV while the Halloween Time and little toddlers are asking for sweets with the cute costumes.

Last year we organized a Halloween Party and I wore a cheerleader outfit. it was a cool party and we had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately I can't join a Halloween party this year, because i have a date with my Baby Girl.  But that is okay we're going to eat at my favourite restaurant and after that we want to chill at her flat and watch some movies and eat ben and jerry's. So I will join a beautiful night with one of my babes. What are your plans for Halloween? What kind of costume are you going to wear? Do you have some amazing tutorials for me? Comment below! :)


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hi guys so I use this blog post to make a confession. you probably ask yourself what the hell has she done? no, I did not killed someone or something like that haha... what I want to say with this article is that the most bloggers show the perfect life. we read their blogs, see the pictures and think we want this life too. sure if blogging is your job, you have one of the coolest jobs in my opinion.

I want to be honest.. from Monday till Friday afternoon I do not look like the person on my photos.. if you thought I am always dressed up, hair and make up on fleek you are totally wrong. everyone who knows me and meet me on weekdays knows the real me. the reason why I am not soooo on point on weekdays is.... I'd rather sleep longer than wake up early in the morning and do my make up. sorry guys for this disappointment but that is the truth. in the morning I am always stressed because I slept longer than I should and I have to pick any clothes, sneakers, a little bit concealer and powder and go! almost every morning I have to run that is typical me :). I can't help it, that is in my nature.

so guys if anyone of you should see me on a weekday sorry for this sight. HAHA ;-)



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This blog post could be in every category love, lifestyle or fashion. it is always a part of my life and sometimes an obstacle. No tall girl will ever understand a short girl's problems and no short girl will ever understand a tall girl in some situations in life. I am the short one of our squad, I will always be and I always was but that is okay. in some parts in my life I really had a problem with my shortness. now I do not care about it anymore, yeah some clothes are difficult to wear or I have to cut them that I can wear it, but at the end of the day I can wear what I want.

a little comfort we short ones have is, that we can cut it but if there is a jeans and it is too short for a tall girl, it is not that easy to get them longer and I am not sure if a tall girl is willing to do this effort just for A too short jeans or a skirt.

Another daily situation a short one has to cope with is the daily shopping. the cookies on the top of the shelf are well deserved because you first have to climb before you can buy.


Picture via TUMBLR

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It's a pleasure for me to tell you that I am going to London in 174 days. I will stay there for 10 weeks and do the international English language testing system. I am really excited about it. how is the family I am going to stay and what kind of people are in my class? all the questions in my head.... but I am looking forward on a good time and experience. after 3 days I have spend in London I fell in love with the city. it is the place where I feel home. What could I not love about London? Great Fashion, delicious food, good clubs and parties, the British accent and of course the British guys. I mean David Beckham is from England.. I think I do not have to say one more word. ;-)

DO you have any tips for me? where to go for shopping, for eating or where are always the best parties? Write it down! :)

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okay, i have to admit that i am not a morning person, but i love mornings on the weekends. in general i sleep long enough and take my time to begin the day. no stress, just my coffee, music,, a messy bun and knitwear. if i have no plans for the day i call my girls. it is almost normal that we meet us on saturdays and go for something in. we always find a good plan for us and whatever we are doing, it is always funny to spend time with my babes. This Saturday we joined a exposition about the most venomous animals of the world. It was very interesting to see these animals and how their toxin affect on us and what happend to us after we are infected.. It was a good plan for this Saturday.

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Talking about beautiful things makes everyone happy. Travelling is for me one of the most beautiful things to talk about. This year I spend my summer vacation with my best friend in Bali Indonesia. It is such an amazing place to spend your time and I have to say that two weeks are not enough to see all the wonderful places, which Bali offers. It was my first time in Asia, I have never left Europe. after this beautiful experience I decided to plan a backpacking tour through Asia, of course some weeks in Bali again. The people are so nice and everything seems so trustful and inviting. One of my new favourite islands is Gili Trawangan or Gili T.  I think it is the perfect mix between party and chill.

My tips for Bali: 


  • Get a massage (Jimbaran)
  • Eat a pizza at Umah Pizza (Ubud)
  • You have to drink a cocktail at the Rock Bar (Jimbaran)
  • Watch the sunset at Single Fin (Uluwatu)
  • If you like monkeys visit monkey forest (Ubud)
  • Eat vegetarian food at La Pacha Mama (Ubud)
  • Rent a bike (Gili T)
  • Eat a burger at Pearl of Trawangan (Gili T)
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