It's been a long time since my last post and to be honest I wasn't in the mood for my blog and write all the things that happened in the last couples of months. I quitted my old job and started a new opportunity in a new company. My current job is completely different from the job I did the last 3 years and I had to get practice and knowledge for my new job. It wasn't easy but that's the good thing about getting out of your comfort zone, you'll learn new things and expand your horizon. So as always I'm in again in a state of change in my life and I'm excited to see what will come next. Yesterday I've spent my evening with one of my closest friends and we just noticed we went to another process in our life and we developed. It sounds crazy because I'm only 23 years old but I notice there are steady changes in my life that also change me and the way I look at things and how I keep managing situations in my life. But exactly this is what makes life so interesting and good. Otherwise we would stuck and we wouldn't grow. 

To make a long story short, here I am tipping those lines for you and here is my outfit. 


Boots by Dr,Martens (mine are from the kids department :) ) 

Black Jeans by Topshop and also from Topshop is my bag ( I bought it secondhand) 

Fake Fur coat by Zara (Old one but there a lot of new ones online :) ) 

Black turtle neck pullover by Zara (also an older one, but there are still some black turtle necks online :)) 

Necklace by Cincostore

and my sunglasses by Rayban 

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Once more I went to Lucerne with one of my best friends so she could get a new haircut. We were a little bit too early so we decided to drink a coffee. coffee first like always. After that we found this great building where we took some pictures for my blog and my Instagram account. As you know I'm passionate about photography and beautiful locations. It was a rainy day so what is the must-have for days like this? A TRENCHCOAT!! So my outfit on these pictures isn't that fashionable and breathtaking. It's just a normal outfit for a rainy city day. Anyway I hope you like it.

Trenchcoat by zara, bag by Furla, Jeans by Topshop, Sneakers by Adidas and Shirt by COs.

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I think every blogger needs a black and white edition or in my case motion. we took some pictures and I was moving all the time because I didn't want to have pictures which look too acted. So my wonderful friend took the pictures and I was sitting/ standing in front of a beautiful door in the middle of Lucerne. I could photoshop this pictures and use a lot of different filters but I just wanted the black and white one. I don't wear something special because I overslept. This post is not really planned, No special outfit no special editing. Just me. Nevertheless I hope you like it 


Ooooh Sunday how I love you! Especially Sundays in autumn. How beautiful the leaves turn red and yellow and it's warm but not hot. What is better on a day like this than to be with your beloved friend and drink a coffee and take some pictures? Below you can see my new love! Perfect eye-catcher in autumn is the houndstooth blazer. Classic, fashionable and cool. You can wear it with jeans, every kind of jeans, black skinnies or with the old but gold leather pants. It definetely works always. I'm wearing it with my black dress from Mango and my dr. Martens and my Chanel accessories., I bought it at Zara's but ufortunately it's sold out. 

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It's no secret that I'm addicted to Zara. My love to it began when I was 15 years old. I count almost 7 years of love with this brand/store. This year's spring collection is one of my favourites. I could almost buy every piece of it. I love the mix between romantic, rocky, chic, flowery and casual. They combine a flower dress with a used fucked up pullover and boots. Great! Love, love, love this mix. Another piece I really fell in love with is the black jeans jacket with tulle and rhinestones. A great combination as well. In their collection. There are elements of denim, poplin, Volant elements, cuts which remind us of a ballerina, pieces which look like a corset, asymmetric cuts, tweed pieces, colourful flower prints which wake the desire for summer, stripe prints, pleather and rose tones, It has something for everyone. The collections have a lot of strong colours. Red, yellow, blue, pink, green, orange but as well more simple colours like off-white, black and grey.


Find your favourite piece on

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Let's pimp our outfits with this shoe trend. You can find them almost in every (online) store. It's the shoe with decoration. Whether bows, pearls, fake fur or rhinestone the shoe game is strong. The good thing on this shoe trend is that you can wear just basics or all black everything, the shoes lift your outfit on a fashionable level. This season we focus the lower part of our outfit. Okay, I grant, the woman always finds a reason to buy new shoes, but in this case it's a must to buy a new pair. It doesn't matter which kind of shoes you like because you can follow the trend in sneakers, loafers, slippers, ballerinas, sandals, Derby shoes, Chelsea or normal boots. 

MiuMiu is very strong with decorations in their collection. They have a lot of pearls and rhinestones on their shoes. The brand Coliac decorates derby shoes on a high level with jewellery.  But no worries if you can't afford shoes from a brand like this I got some alternatives for you.

1. Slippers with jewellery by and other stories 

2. Chelsea Boots with Pearls by Jeffrey Campbell

3. Mule with pompoms by Zara

4. Boots with maxi buckles by Zara

5. HARISSA Cross Strap Sliders by Topshop

6. Mule with pearls by Zara

7. FALCON Stud Sandals by Topshop

8. Slingback with jewellery by Zara

9. Flats with flower design by Jeffrey Campbell

10.Rose Mule with pearls by Jeffrey Campbell

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Something I rediscovered for myself and our grannies would laugh about that old trend, which I fell in love this day and age. I got that little things with broches or to say it in English with pins. I just like the French version of this word more than the English one. I think a broche is a beautiful accessory for every dress, blazer and coat. It makes every piece special and fashionable. I have this picture in my head of my coats and on every coat is another big broche, which matches perfectly with the cut, colour and style of my coats. Naturally the one I fell in love with is from Chanel and it costs about 750 Swiss francs. Something I can't afford at the moment. So I was looking for a second hand one but these pins aren't getting cheaper. Now I'm looking for an alternative in different online stores and try to get some cool broches for my coats. Another alternative is to check some second hand stores, maybe I'll find some cool vintage broches somewhere.

Broche (pin) from Chanel

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It's one of the most beautiful things in life. When the sun is shining, everything is just better, We went to Basel and enjoyed some hours of sun with a coffee from Starbucks. We were sitting on the river Rhine, a popular place to be on days like this and in summer. It's beautiful there and you can take a seat or just walk along the river. After that we went to a café, it looks more like a pub, to eat something. I like this mood in a pub, with the dark brown furnitures and the green lampshades. After that we went to the cinema and watched "fifty shades darker". I've read all books and I have to say the movies aren't that good. They're "ok" but not really good.


I wore my black turtle neck pullover from Topshop, my mom jeans from Zara, my rose coat from Zara (similar one from this season here) and a fluffy jacket from H&M (similar one at Zalando). For a change I took my backpack from Topshop instead of a bag. I need a little bit color in these days. I'm almost color addicted at the moment.

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I always write about my coffee Saturdays with my babes. This Saturday we met again but we didn't drink some coffee. It's very cold in Switzerland (-8 degrees)! So we thought we need something that warms us up. So we went to a bar and started with some afternoon drinks. It was so funny and a little bit weird to be drunk in the afternoon. We were sitting outside in the sun and drank white wine, the sun was up and we had some blankets so it was okay with the coldness. After that we went to Zara because we knew we will not going home tonight but stay in the city and going to a club tonight. So we thought we need a new shirt or a jeans for tonight. I bought another mum jeans because I wore a culottes and the material is very thin. All in all I wore two pairs of thights, the culottes, a shirt with long sleeves, a pullover and my camel coat! It's really freaking cold! In the end we were drinking the whole day, started a bar tour with another friend of us and ended up drunk and (a little) wasted in a club! It seems so stupid but it was so fun and the feeling of summer vacay came back! 

So this is my outfit. I look a little bit like a potato but you've already read what I wore so you understand. ;-)  The culottes and the pullover is from Zara. The pants are from the summer or autumn collection 2016! Unfortunately not available anymore. There's a similar one at Zalando. I have to admit that the pullover is very old. As well there's almost the same from G-Star at Zalando. Sneakers are from Adidas, no secret! The glasses are from Rayban. Earrings are from Manor. The Watch is from Michael Kors.

I'm so thankful for the help of my girls. They always support me and help me to get some good pictures. On a picture you'll see my best friend helping to get my hair on point for the picture.

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The color must have in this time! We see it everywhere in every kind of shape! Sometimes darker, sometimes brighter, sometimes with a beige undertone, sometimes with an orange undertone. Rose is the color at the moment! If scarfs, pullovers, shirts, bags, beanies, sweaters, shoes etc. I'm totally in love with this color too and I think it's perfect to light up these grey and cold days in winter. The color is easy to combine. It works pretty good with grey (dark and bright grey) with black, with beige,  navy, white or with a bright brown. It is a perfect color for every skin tone and it works almost with every hair colour. Below you'll find some of my favourite pieces in this shade. Perhaps you'll find your own new favourite piece. 

Coat from Asos

Dress from Cos

Sweater from Zalando

T-Shirt from Zalando

Loafers from H&M

Bag from Furla

Scarf from Acne Studios

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I think this season is the one with the most different kinds of jackets and coats. We got the checked coat, the oversized camel coat, the (faux) fur coat, the biker jacket and last but not least the puffer jacket. All these jackets were seen on different blogs of our favourites fashionistas. In this blogpost I'll show you where you will find them, how you can wear it and how the other bloggers do it. 

The biker jacket

I was writing about that jacket 10 times! Sorry for that! ;-) This jacket is a real must have. I love to wear it with ripped cigarette jeans, a black turtle neck pullover and sneakers. It works also with skinny jeans with slippers or biker boots. The first time I saw this jacket was on Maya. The jacket looks so beautiful on her and she combines it always in the right way! You can find her on Instagram @thatgirlnamedmaya


This jacket is from Zara.

The faux fur coat

If you want to wear a dress or just your hoodie and jeans it doesn't matter. With this coat it always looks fashionable. She is rocking it!! I love how she wears the faux fur coat. You'll find the lovely Barbara Ines on instagram or you check out her blog.


You'll find something like this on Ivyrevel,

The checked coat

We have seen this coat with this pattern everywhere. It's classical and urban at the same time. It depends how you combine it. You can wear it with dr. martens boots or you wear black culottes and heels.

I like the way how Sandra Lambeck wears it. This is her profile on Instagram.


Mango has almost the same coat.

Puffer jacket

Another jacket which is worn from the most fashion addicts. This jacket is a win-win piece. First of all it looks so great and second it keeps you warm. What do you want more? You can wear it with skinnies or with mom jeans. I like the way Elisa is wearing it and I'm totally in love with her shoes.

You have to see her Blog.


Similar jacket in pink here.

The oversized camel coat

There are pictures of Kim Kardashian, the Olsen's and Rihanna with this coat. It's a timeless and classical piece in your wardrobe. The comeback of this coat was in 2016 and it seemed that almost everyone followed the trend.

I like to wear my camel coat with black chinos, a black pullover and white sneakers. Combine it with a dress and it looks very elegant or you can wear it like Aylin König (picture) and it looks urban.

You'll find Aylin on Instagram or you read her blog.


Almost every brand offers a coat like this.

You can choose yours on Zalando.



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A beautiful city in Switzerland. A mix between countryside and city. I love Lucerne! As I told you I had an appointment at my hairdresser for getting my hair done. I always enthuse about my hairdresser and the great work they do, so one of my friends decided to come with me to get her hair done too.

It's very cold in Switzerland right now. Sometimes in the mornings it's about -8 degrees. It's absolutely not my time of the year. I'm more the spring/summer/autumn person. Nevertheless I try my best to keep it fashionable. The outfit I'm wearing includes my biker jacket, which I love so much, the fishnet tights, my cigarette jeans, adidas Stan smith and a Black hoodie. A messy bun before I go to the hairdresser is a must for me.

After we got our hair done (I love my ash bob!!) we went downtown because we needed something from lush and the body shop. One of my friends told me her secret for wavy/curly hair. So I had to buy the R&B cream from lush too. It smells so delicious. I will told you my experience with this product in a next blogpost. :)


Cigarette jeans similar one here

Biker Jacket here

Hoodie from H&M

Stan smith here

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I think every girl knows this jacket. Almost every fashionista is showing us pictures with this kind of jacket. It's about this biker jacket which our parents have worn in their twenty-somethings. It's a piece that will never be out of style. There are a lot of different stores which sell this kind of jacket. Meanwhile you know me and that's why you don't need to be surprised that this jacket is from Zara. ;-) I wear it with my faux leather skirt (as well from Zara) and with my black turtleneck pullover from Topshop. I think the boots have the same style like the jacket and that's why I have combined it. This Boots aren't available anymore but there are some boots which have the same style.

I wear this jacket as well with jeans or black skinnies and with an oversized pullover. To make this outfit more romantic you can wear it with a lace top or rose shades, You get a more fashionable look if you wear this jacket with culottes, ankle boots and clutch. Maybe I will shoot some pictures with this jacket but with another combination... ;-) We will see..


Here the Boots from Asos.

Boots from Zara.

Boots from Monki here.


Jacket from Asos here.

H&M Biker Jacket.

Acne Studios Biker Jacket.


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My vacay has begun and so my best ones too. We went to the city to organise the last Christmas gifts. It was very cold today but it doesn't stopped me from wearing my fishnet tights and slippers. I really love this outfit and I wear it, if its possible, every week. I have this jeans about three years and I only wore them 3 times until now. do you know some clothes you never wore because you thought it was a mispurchase and then you find them new again in your wardrobe and you ask yourself what's wrong with you? I think this is a girls thing or maybe just a thing I have. That's the reason why I hate to tidy my closet out and throw my clothes away. Someday I will regret it.


The whole outfit is more or less from Zara

Jacket (unfortunately online not available), pullover ( similar one here), jeans (similar ones), slippers (almost the same)

The fishnet tights are from Manor but you can find them here

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Dear all a new trend has began! I saw it in the city and as well on some fashion blogs. The fishnet tights and therefore the 80s are back! But the fashionable girl from today doesn't wear it only under a skirt/ dress as we already know. The new trend is to wear the tights under your jeans, chinos, leather pants, culottes and so on. The clue by this trend is that you turn the pant leg up or you wear the tights under your ripped jeans. so you see just a little part of the fishnet tights. I really support this trend. It looks very cool, also chic and dirty at the same time. For everyone who doesn't like tights there is another solution.. you can also wear some fishnet socks. It works the same way like the tights. The most Fashionistas wear this trend with loafers. Usually black ones. it works as well with sneakers or high heels. The most worn fishnet tights are in black but you can also try it in red or white. There are also some differences of the size of the pattern. It depends on you how you like it. :)


I got mine from Manor but you can find them also at ASOS.

Pictures 1 and 3 from Here

Picture 2 from here

and picture 4 from here

The first time we saw this look was at the fashion show of Proenza Schouler fall 2015. They showed us a big fishnet in combination with skirts and dresses.


I found the trend and as well this picture on HARPERSBAZAAR

Elisa, the girl beyond the blog, inspired me to follow this trend. I love the combination in this picture. It's a great work of her.


Aylin König, another fashion blogger from Germany wears the fishnet tights under her jeans. you can see she doesn't wear it under her skinnies. She combines it with ripped and straight leg jeans. I really love her style and her blog! She's one of my favourites! I'm sure you know her already but if you don't here's the link to her blog.

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In Switzerland winter finally arrived. It's cold outside and the city has a beautiful Christmas decoration. The second advent is coming and the first Christmas movies are shown in the TV, We still have the pleasure to enjoy some sunbeams and wear our favourite sunglasses. We still are sitting outside for coffee and cigarettes and observe the people who doing their weekend shopping. I have to admit I'm very excited about the Christmas days and I'm totally in the mood for snow and markets and all the Christmas stuff.

I fell in love with this coat at first sight. I needed some time to think about the purchase. After I saw this coat on my co-worker, it looks so beautiful on her, I decided to finally buy it too. The faux fur doesn't look cheap and it keeps you very warm. I love this cream color and the collar. You can combine it very chic but also very trashy and wasted. 


Coat from Zara (Unfortunately not available online but a similar in black here)

Sunglasses from Rayban

Pullover from AP by Manor

Shorts from Zara (Spring 2016)

Clutch by H&M (last Season)

Black Boots from Zara (last Season but similar ones here)

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Christmas is near and everyone tries to get the perfect outfit for the dinners we have in this time. Maybe you need a good outfit for the Christmas party of your company or for the dinner at your man's house. Maybe you just want to buy a special dress for your family's xmas dinner. No matter what your plans are, you need something for this time.

On Christmas you don't have to care if there's too much. Your Outfit can adapt to the decoration as well. ;-) Christmas time is the time there's never too much sparkle and chichi. Velvet, laze and sparkle dresses are the right one for a fantastic Christmas eve. Maybe you should watch out regarding the cut of the dress. We all know that in this time there is always a feast. I don't know how you feel about it but I hate to wear a tight dress and eat too much. let's be honest everyone eats too much on Christmas. for everyone who likes the simple things you also can choose a knit pullover dress and wear a pair of overknees. It also works!

So I was looking for some dresses for the dinner and here are my favourites.


The first favourites are from Asos. I really like this online store because it offers different styles and for everybody. No matter if you're a tall or a short girl, no matter,if you are plus size or regular size. It always has the latest trends and must-have pieces. I found some very cute and fancy dresses.


You will find the first dress here.

the second is here.


As you may have noticed I'm a real Zara girl. I love the collections of this brand. I also found some cute dresses for the big feast on Zara online.  But I have to say the dresses from Zara aren't that fancy like the one from Asos. They're more simple and elegant. You may want to wear a Jumpsuit. And of course it can look fabulous too.


First Dress You will find here

Second dress is here

Jumpsuit here

Sparkle dress here

For the ones who like it cozy and simple.


I found this dress on


I love the online shop of BIKBOK. They have cool collections and a collaboration with angelica blick. One of my favourite bloggers. On this website I found two beautiful dresses I would kill for. The price is the best thing on it. I have to admit that I have never bought something from BIKBOK so I can't tell you something about the quality..


Black swan dress here

Dream white dress here

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Today when I went to my office I thought about some color combinations. While Thinking about which colors would accord to each other I recognized grey is a wonderful color that works with so many other colors. My new skirt is grey Perhaps it gave me this intellectual game... :) It can be very chic, rocky, romantic and fashionable... this color has so many faces.


the chic combination, I think, would be with beige and brown. many labels have used this combination for their autumn collections in the past. I would combine a light grey with dark brown and a stone grey with beige. a beige pullover and a grey scarf maybe..!?


so the romantic version is with rose, not pink, rose! a romantic, kittenish, girly color. At the moment you can find the color in many stores. Rose is also a color which fits with almost every hair color, tan or eye color. I remember when I was in Munich I saw such a beautiful coat at cos stores. it was rose mixed with a lightly beige. also a beautiful combination. So I would wear a rose oversize pullover with a grey skirt. A tight or if you like plissée.


If I'm in a rocky mood I would mix white, black and grey. so this combination speaks for itself. grey skinny jeans, white shirt, a black leather jacket and black boots.. mix it with simple, silvery jewelry and you are ready for a red hot chili peppers concert or something like this. :)


imagine grey overknees with a black cotton turtle neck dress.. add a black a coat and golden jewelry and a clutch. .you got the perfect outfit for a date, for a dinner with your girls, for a Sunday lunch or for a business meeting. .


A combination I have seen at so many Fashionblogs is a oversize turtle neck pullover in grey with a white ripped jeans., messy hair, simple jewelry and glasses. This seems very fashionable but it is also very simple. I don't know what it is that makes this look so high fashion¨but it works.


the little pictures above are from

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Across from the famous hotel "Les Trois Rois" in Basel there is this cute little café where you can Buy froyo, coffee, hot chocolate, tea and waffles. I love to sit there and enjoy the delicious food and drinks. It is really quiet and homely. In the last two weeks there was bad weather in Switzerland. It was cold and rainy, so it's the perfect place of refuge after a hard day.

I always have enjoyed a delicious froyo with fresh fruits on a hot summer day there. It was the best I could do in the summertime. now I love the spot for the warm offers.

The only thing that doesn't match in this cute place is my woman in black outfit. I wore my black culottes, a black turtle neck pullover, a thin coat and my black leather jacket. The weather made me wearing my black hat.

My babes and me went to Basel just for window shopping. Okay the window shopping turned into real shopping.. quilty! I have bought a new green dress and a fake leather skirt in Bordeaux.

Both things are from Zara, boring I know. I always buy my clothes there. I should try other stores but the problem is that the stores I'm interested too don't exist in Basel and I love to do real shopping. I'm not a fan of online shopping. Zurich has more special stores but Basel is easier to reach for us.

Black leather jacket by Zara

Black Culottes by Zara

Turtle Neck Pullover by Topshop

Thin Black Coat by Manor

Black Hat by Zara (MAN)

White sneakers by Adidas

Chanel Bag from my Mommy

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Every country has beautiful cities but the cities which are always best known are the capital cities. people often think that Zurich is the capital city of Switzerland. I can understand why people could think that, Zurich is more famous, has a film festival, there is more lifestyle and high society but sorry guys the capital city is Bern. It is a cute city with beautiful architecture.

On Sunday we (my babes and me) went to Bern. The city is perfect for Ambling through it, enjoying the sun, eat tasty food, drinking some coffee and chill.. Because we didn't know how the weather may change I wore a Nike cap, a trenchcoat, sneakers, black skinny's and a turtle neck pullover. Perfect for autumn days like this.







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this blog post is all about the new trend "Plissée". I really, really love this trend and there are so many cool combinations with this kind of skirt. the combo I love the most is a plisséE skirt with a oversized sweater, white sneakers a messy bun, a long, simple necklace and a clutch or a shoulder bag. Below you can see what I created on polyvore. I think it is a great outfit for September/October and it is also A good outfit for everyone, no matter what size you have. You can tell so many different stories with this outfit. it can be very girly and romantic like the one I have created on Polyvore but it can also be very Classy when you change the colors from rose to black or grey and add some pearl jewelry, you can also mix a black plissée with a caro shirt or with a shirt of a band and wear some boots and the whole outfit gets a rock flair.

you see the skirt is a piece for almost every kind of style you like and it looks always fashionable.

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this Blog Post is about a print that seems an every year must-have. i think it is a classical and easy print to combine for a fashionable look. you can wear it for a party night with your friends, for a dinner with your love, or for a Shopping day in the City,. WHAT I REALLY LIKE ABOUT THe LEO PRINT IS THAT YOU CAN COMBINE IT WITH ALMOST EVERY COLOR. A NEGATIVE ASPECT IS, IF YOU HAVE THE FALSE CUT OR garment, IT LOOKs quickly VERY CHEAP. so FOR EXAMPLE i would never wear a crop top with a Leo print, Hotpants and high heels. sorry ladies but this is a no gO! To get the classy Leo style it needs to have a certain length or cut and the right mix with the accessory. Better you choose simple jewelry and  simple bag for your outfit. 












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As I told you I met the tattoo artist this Saturday to discuss about my next tat'. Before I went to his stuidio, I have met my girls for some coffee and talk. Something we really like to do on the weekend. I love to talk to them while sitting in a café and drinking some coffee. Of course I am always happy to see them. After our little tête-à-tête we went to the tattoo studio. My girls are always very helpful and because everyone of us already has a tattoo, they are the best counsellors. I will show my tattoo when it is finished, just to raise the suspense level high. ;-)

later we were looking for a place to take some pictures and this is the result. Hope you like it.


Popeline Dress by zara

sunglasses by rayban

clutch by furla

shoes by H&M


lingering kiss lipstick by mac 


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The first time I saw the culotte at Zara, I fell in love with them. The color, the fit and the price everything was just perfect. I am a short girl and because of my height they fit perfectly. And of course I found the perfect crop top matching with it. The first time, I wore this outfit, was on a beautiful Sunday when I met my girls for some Froyo and coffee. Thank you my dear friends for the little photoshoot and for the adaption and also thank you @zara_daily for reposting my ootd Picture.








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