It's been a long time since my last post and to be honest I wasn't in the mood for my blog and write all the things that happened in the last couples of months. I quitted my old job and started a new opportunity in a new company. My current job is completely different from the job I did the last 3 years and I had to get practice and knowledge for my new job. It wasn't easy but that's the good thing about getting out of your comfort zone, you'll learn new things and expand your horizon. So as always I'm in again in a state of change in my life and I'm excited to see what will come next. Yesterday I've spent my evening with one of my closest friends and we just noticed we went to another process in our life and we developed. It sounds crazy because I'm only 23 years old but I notice there are steady changes in my life that also change me and the way I look at things and how I keep managing situations in my life. But exactly this is what makes life so interesting and good. Otherwise we would stuck and we wouldn't grow. 

To make a long story short, here I am tipping those lines for you and here is my outfit. 


Boots by Dr,Martens (mine are from the kids department :) ) 

Black Jeans by Topshop and also from Topshop is my bag ( I bought it secondhand) 

Fake Fur coat by Zara (Old one but there a lot of new ones online :) ) 

Black turtle neck pullover by Zara (also an older one, but there are still some black turtle necks online :)) 

Necklace by Cincostore

and my sunglasses by Rayban 

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