My thoughts are circulating and I'm asking myself "when is enough, enough?". How long do we have to fight for something without giving up? I think everyone of us had to fight for something or someone in the past but when is it enough? Are we losers when we decide to give up? How long can we fight for something until we decide to stop and are we going to regret that we gave up? Does it depend on the situation? If you fight for someone how long is fair? Can we leave without the feeling of losing? Do we have to fight until we're lost? Is this the point when enough is enough? Are we disloyal when we decide to go and never come back because we can't fight anymore, we're tired of it, we can't see the reasons why we should continue fighting for something/ someone? Why do we fight for something/ someone longer than for others / other things? What is it that motivates us? Love, ambition, our pride or is it the illusion of how it could be if we don't give up? Or are these the things that cause stop fighting? Is our generation spoilt by all the possibilities and constant urge to find something better? And what about our parents or grandparents, have they been fighting longer for what they wanted? Are we the weak and lazy generation? And shall we take a cue from Shakespeares famous drama Romeo and Juliet and fight for something even if it could cost our lives?  

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