I bought my first Gucci bag and everyone in my inner circle knows that this means a lot for me. It‘s a big gift from me to me. this bag is hard work. I worked the whole year for this bag and when I look back I‘ve never believed that I will be able to afford something like this! I don‘t judge the people who get the money to buy this luxury, if it‘s from your parents, godfather or grandparents! If they give you the money for something like that I’m sure you deserve it! 


I grew up as a normal girl. I‘ve never missed something in my childhood! I had everything I needed! But in my young years I learned that you have to work for your money. Nothing can be created out of nothing. Don‘t take everything you get for granted. Be thankful for everything no matter what it is or how much it costs! Don‘t forget to keep your feet on the ground. I know this Instagram world shows you the perfect lives but keep in your mind that those pictures are just a captured moment and it‘s more show than reality. The perfect couple without any problems? The girl who always eats pizza but is skinny as fuck? I'm not saying I‘m not a victim of it! Of course I just show the best moments of my life and not the moments I‘m without make up, with spots, with a fat belly because I ate too much and greasy hair. All the luxury products are nice to have but they don‘t make a nice person. Labels and money aren't the important things in life. Love, hard laughs, good time with the people you love, a warm bed and daily food that are things that are precious. I just want that you always keep in your mind that all that glitters isn‘t gold and if you want something you have never had you have to do something you have never done.

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    Michel (Mittwoch, 14 Februar 2018 14:46)

    Spatzi Du muesch dra blibe :-) Mehr fokus, mehr post-Intervall. Du schaffsch das! go 4 it!

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    Arisol.Bright (Sonntag, 11 November 2018 20:56)

    It is true that labels aren’t what really matters but in the end everyone is free to spend his money as he prefers and if a Gucci bag, a Balmain blazer or Louboutin shoes make you happy, then go for them!
    I really enjoyed this short post!
    PS: Great Dionysus :)