I have something new for all my people from Switzerland. Forget Zara or H&M Home. There‘s a new shop in Basel called Esmée!

First of all the design is all we are always looking for: simple, timeless and beautiful with a scandinavian flair. The designer is danish and you can see it in every beautiful piece.


The store has the same concept, simple but beautiful. The products are available in different colors and they‘ve built color themes so it‘s very easy to find your piece in your favourite colour. One colour one shelf, they couldn‘t make it easier for their customers.


Last but not least the prices! I was speechless because I like to decorate my home and make it more beautiful with pillows, candles and other home accessories but the most times when I was in interior shops the prices were too high for what it was. This is definitely over now. The prices are low but the products aren‘t cheap. Perfect for everyone who loves to decorate rooms.

I recommend a visit at Esmée! You will love the store like I do.

Find their gallery on Instagram Esmée.

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