5,5 years after my first time, I went back to the city of lovers. Yes we're talking about Paris. The first time I was in Paris I was 16. I was with one of my best friends and her mother. So we thought it's time to go back to this city and spend a long weekend there. I'm really happy about this decision because since I have read the book "how to be Parisian" I wanted to visit this city again. It was different this time. Not only because we were alone without her mum also because we're older. Some interests changed, but shopping stayed! But this time we enjoyed the beauty of Paris in another way and we saw things differently. Maybe Paris didn't change but we did. But I still love it. We did a little shopping, went to the exhibition of Christian Dior, had some good drinks at the experimental cocktail club and we ate delicious food. Thank god some friends gave me those recommendations. When you want to drink a tasty drink I would recommend the experimental cocktail club and the drink is called Experience 1 and the other one was called Feliz. Pink Mamma (for Italian food) and Miss Ko ( for sushi) are now my favourite restaurants in Paris! A wonderful ambience and delicious food.

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