Tomorrow I'm finally going to Ibiza! I'm so excited to be there for a long weekend and celebrate life with my friends. It's the 3rd time I'm travelling to this Island. I love the Ibiza vibes, the beach, the hippie market and the parties. What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza - perfect statement for this island innit? There are two favourite places I like to eat. The one is called Kanya and the other one's name is Bambuddha. Two really nice locations where you can eat good food with a great atmosphere. My favourite party in Ibiza is called "Music is the ANTSWER!" at Ushuaia. I love the location, the people, the music and the fact that the party is outside in the pool area of the hotel.. There are a lot of good parties in Ibiza but it's always very crowded.


I think everyone should travel once (at least) to Ibiza. Not only for the parties also for the beauty of the island. Last year we rent a car and drove around the island and it's just fascinating. There are so many beautiful beaches and they aren't completely full of tourists. I recommend to everyone to rent a car, quat or a motorcycle.


To see what am I doing there you can follow my instagram story. See you guys! Keep calm and fly to Ibiza!


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