What would we do without our phones? When someone ask us this question everyone gives the same answer: "I could survive without it!" but if we are honest no one likes to be without his/her phone and we really need it for daily things like google something, when we can't find a place, to stay in contact with our friends and family or to check our profiles on the social media. Everyone is a little bit addicted to the phone. To avoid scratches and damages on my phone I care about it with a case and a film for the screen. I think everyone hates this moment when your phone runs out of battery. That's why you need a power bank. I have some wonderful people in my life who gave me the equipment for my phone for free and let me try the products. The products match with me and my style perfectly and I'm in love with them.



The cases are so cute and perfect for summer. They also protect my phone perfectly.



The power bank which looks like a lipstick is small so you can put it in every bag, as well in a clutch. I love the look of it and it's so light.


The film is made out of bulletproof glass. I already had one and believe me it was worth it. My phone looked so damaged but I just had to change the film and now it's like new.


You can find everything online or in the store.