It's been a long time ago since my last post. Feel so quilty but the time in London was flying. I really got used to this life there. Every minute I fell in love again with this city. I met a lot of different and nice people which made my stay there perfectly. I spend my day at school until 15.40 and after that I enjoyed the time with my friends. Sometimes we just had a coffee and sometimes we visited a museum, monuments or other things like that. If the weather was nice we enjoyed our time in a park and talked about everything. The first days were hard because everything was new and I missed my beloved ones. Nevertheless, after the first week I really got used to everything there. A lot of swiss people were in london. Sometimes I really loved to speak my mother language and the fact that I don't have to think about every word. I also met a lot of italian people. The first thing they thaught me was, never be on time. They're always late.. hahaha it's not the same with swiss or british people. At the end I got used to this too. The sad thing is that you meet people and you like them but after some weeks they leave. So your circle isn't constatly the same. The good thing is that every Monday new people arrive so you have the chance to meet again new characters.


I also got a new tattoo. It shows the building I think it's the most beautiful and every time I look at it I'm perfectly happy.

The tat I got reminds me of the beautiful time in london. It has a lot of details and it took 8 hours but the artist is a god! The lines are so thin and the whole tattoo looks like a photography. I'm going back to LoNdon to finish my arm.

You can see his work on his Instagram profile @Lux47.


It would be a lie if I would tell you I hadn't time for my blog but to be honest I was just too lazy and I'm always up to something here. It isn't the same like in Switzerland and my blog is definitely not the same without my friends who always support me and take the pictures for it.



I loved my life abroad and now I know I could live in another country. London isn't that far away from home and I always could go back. I was a little bit afraid of this moment of coming home to my normal life. Surely, I missed my friends and my family but the only desire deep inside is to travel, live in different places/countries and make as much experiences as possible. That are your twenties or not? So what can I say.... for everyone who doesn't have the experience of living abroad and for the one who never had the taste of the freedom; break out of your comfort zone, enjoy every minute of it and never think it was a bad decision. The only things you could regret are the ones you never did.

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