Named a category after it but I've never written about the real meaning of this word. It wasn't easy to find the right words and write those sentences without having weak effect on you. Those lines are written a long time ago and I worked on them over and over again. 


The thing in life that can change you like nothing else. The thing you might share with a woman or a man. The one thing that can make everything complicated or everything so easy in your life. I think love is the one thing that has the most influence on us. It can make you do things you've never thought you would do.


The question is why do we love? Why do we feel so much for a person? Partly for people who don't deserve our love and we excuse them for all the bad things they do because we love them. Why do we love people although they have characteristics we don't like or even hate? What happens to us in the second we fell in love? And how can some people lose their minds just because of love?


Sometimes it doesn't make sense at all and we can't explain why we feel so much for this person but we even can't change the fact that we love. it's such a powerful and strong feeling. The meaning of love can vary for everyone of us and everyone feels it in a different way.


I think the most beautiful thing regarding love is that it makes people so happy and they have this sparkle in their eyes and in some stories you create a little human made of love. I don't know yet how it feels when you look at your baby and you know this one is made of love, which you have shared with your partner but I can imagine that this moment is precious and with nothing else comparable. What a wonderful thought.


Some people get cold because of the disappointment of a person they love or loved. It's not a must but I saw a lot of people who turned unloving. They were hurt by someone they've really loved. He / She is scared of love and the other side of it. The line between happiness and upset is very thin in this game.


I think the unconditional love is the most dangerous one. I don't talk about the uncoditional love between your mother / father and you, or between your brother / sister and you. I talk about this kind of love to your partner. Sounds hard but you're lost if you feel something like that for someone because this love stays no matter how he / she treats you. 


I had a lot of conversations with different people and lovers and I heard so many stories. As well my own ones who thaught me about love and no love. I saw blank despair in their faces and eyes because of the fact that they don't know what to do, how to handle the whole situation or because of the fear of never getting away from the one person they invested so much time, hope, trust and feelings.


In spite of that you should never lose your hope and your ability to love. Never get bitter because of someone who hasn't known what a beauty you are and always keep in your mind that you're never too young nor too old for love.

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    Arisol.Bright (Sonntag, 11 November 2018 20:50)

    Really beautiful post!
    Sending you all blessings <3