Something I rediscovered for myself and our grannies would laugh about that old trend, which I fell in love this day and age. I got that little things with broches or to say it in English with pins. I just like the French version of this word more than the English one. I think a broche is a beautiful accessory for every dress, blazer and coat. It makes every piece special and fashionable. I have this picture in my head of my coats and on every coat is another big broche, which matches perfectly with the cut, colour and style of my coats. Naturally the one I fell in love with is from Chanel and it costs about 750 Swiss francs. Something I can't afford at the moment. So I was looking for a second hand one but these pins aren't getting cheaper. Now I'm looking for an alternative in different online stores and try to get some cool broches for my coats. Another alternative is to check some second hand stores, maybe I'll find some cool vintage broches somewhere.

Broche (pin) from Chanel

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