It's one of the most beautiful things in life. When the sun is shining, everything is just better, We went to Basel and enjoyed some hours of sun with a coffee from Starbucks. We were sitting on the river Rhine, a popular place to be on days like this and in summer. It's beautiful there and you can take a seat or just walk along the river. After that we went to a café, it looks more like a pub, to eat something. I like this mood in a pub, with the dark brown furnitures and the green lampshades. After that we went to the cinema and watched "fifty shades darker". I've read all books and I have to say the movies aren't that good. They're "ok" but not really good.


I wore my black turtle neck pullover from Topshop, my mom jeans from Zara, my rose coat from Zara (similar one from this season here) and a fluffy jacket from H&M (similar one at Zalando). For a change I took my backpack from Topshop instead of a bag. I need a little bit color in these days. I'm almost color addicted at the moment.

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