The day that every single fears and the couples partly celebrate. Valentine's day is here and I got a big red cross in my calendar. Goal of the day? Surviving the day without an alcohol intoxication or overdose of ben & Jerry's. Just Kidding! I think the people who make a big deal about valentine's day aren't the couples. The singles are the ones who push this day and worry about it. Probably it's because this day reminds you that you aren't in a relationship and that makes you feel lonely or something like that. I've always celebrated this day with my single ladies. It's no problem if you have more singles in your circle of friends than wifeys. If you're the only single in your group then you have a little problem. But in the end Valentine's day is the day of the lovers and you can love everyone so why always associate this day with a relationship? In my opinion you don't need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to celebrate this day. You can celebrate this day with your parents, brothers or sisters, with your girls or with your mate.....whatever. The thought that you celebrate love on this day is the essential.. So to all my singles out there, don't be afraid of this day, take someone you love and celebrate the fact that you have each other in your lives.

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