So to get you a little closer, I'm writing about some facts about me.


1. I'm very impatient. I hate to wait until I can buy something, I hate to wait for people (but I'm mostly late), I hate to wait for an appointment or news etc.. If I want something I want it now.


2. I'm chaotic and organised at the same time. I have an organisation (and nobody except from me understands this organisation) in my disorder.


3. I often curse and I should more watch my language. I use words, which a woman shouldn't use.


4. I'm always stressed. You could give me three hours to get ready and I wouldn't make it.


5. I'm the only girl in the family and grew up with two older brothers. They Hardened me for the rest of my life.


6. I'm a cat freak and I fear that I end up like the cat lady from The Simpsons.


7. I've never had a serious relationship.


8. If I could choose I would love to have twins, but in the end I want three kids. 


9. I almost listen to every kind of music. I listen to techno, indie rock/pop, alternative, R&B, hiphop or oldie's (80's&90's). I was on a lot of different concerts and festivals.


10. I'm a real day dreamer and I don't notice persons (when I'm alone) in the city because I'm so busy with my own thoughts and the music I'm listening to that Barack Obama could walk next to me and I wouldn't get it.


11. I love harry potter and I watched every movie about 30 times. Can't wait for London!!


12. I always equivocate and make nasty jokes.


13. I always cry when I watch a film like "Me before you" "the fault in our stars" or "if I stay" and when I say cry I mean cry. It's not that I just have tears rolling down my cheeks. Nobody can console me in this moment. I'm a cry-baby.


14. I don't believe in god but I believe in fate. I believe that everything has a reason. Sometimes you don't see the reason why but after a certain time you'll understand it and see the positive thing in it.


15. Before I die I want to learn how to surf and I want to backpack in Asia.


16. I'm that kind of girl that drinks beer, watches stupid and senseless movies or I watch football games and eat pizza. I love to dress well and chic but I wouldn't like a date in a expensive and fancy restaurant. I'm the simple kind of woman.


17. When they meet me the first time, most people think that I'm pretty arrogant. I'm completely the difference. I'm extroverted and love to meet new people and cultures and listen to the stories from people all over the world and I don't (or I try) judge people because of the first impression and I'm not superficial. I don't care about how other people look like as long as they are friendly.


18. I get angry/ agressive when someone drives too slow, especially when this person drives in front of me. In addition I always sing loud and "dance" while driving.ūüėā


19. I would never concern an attractive guy (when I'm sober). I'm pretty shy regarding men and so I would never do the first step.


20. I hate when someone eats or breaths too loud. It's a "disease" called misophonia and it means "hatred of sound".


21. I'm half swiss and half austrian and I have four italian first names.

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