For the first time I'm writing about a man topic. I'm not sure when it started, this man bun trend and the long hair but I have to say that I like it. Before this trend has begun the most men have worn the hair long at the top and the sides were short.  David Beckham like. So what I noticed is that Brooklyn Beckham started to grow his hair. May the Beckham's are just the trendsetter family? After I noticed that lil Beck's has long hair, I had the feeling that every man is growing his hair now. So however and whoever started with this trend, It is a success. I was never the kind of woman who liked guys with long hair but I won favour with it when I was in Bali. I like the "old" hair trend too but I have to say guys with long hair don't look that bad like I always thought. Hipster or nah it doesn't matter.


It's funny that the guys who have this hairstyle, sometimes look very similar. Or to express it differently they're almost the same type of man.


Man bun, tattooed and (often) bearded.


Are man like fashion? We (the women) just follow the trend? Is this a situation like: " The 70's are back and strangely enough I like the colour mix brown and orange?" Okay I always had a weakness for tattooed and bearded men but is this just a manipulation of our taste in men? And Is it the same in a man situation? When it's in to have a bob and every woman cut one do suddenly every guy likes girls with short hair?  


Okay it's going to be a Carry Bradshaw moment!


So ladies what do you think about this trend? Did you¬†get a brainwash too? ūüėČ

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