Okay I told you that after my appointment with my hairdresser I went to the Lush store to buy the R&B hair cream. So since then I use this cream everyday. First of all it smells so delicious!! But not only this reason speaks for this cream also the fact, that the cream does a great job. It makes my hair so smooth, shiny and silky. I'm absolutely in love with this product and recommend everyone to buy it too. The best thing about it is that it consists of natural ingredients!! What I have to say is that you should keep attention on the quantity you're going to use. Woman with thin hair shouldn't take too much otherwise your hair gets oily. You only need a little bit on the fingertip and knead your hair with the paste. I think this cream will survive 6 months at least!

It was a good decision to spend my money on this this product! Convince yourself!


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