I always write about my coffee Saturdays with my babes. This Saturday we met again but we didn't drink some coffee. It's very cold in Switzerland (-8 degrees)! So we thought we need something that warms us up. So we went to a bar and started with some afternoon drinks. It was so funny and a little bit weird to be drunk in the afternoon. We were sitting outside in the sun and drank white wine, the sun was up and we had some blankets so it was okay with the coldness. After that we went to Zara because we knew we will not going home tonight but stay in the city and going to a club tonight. So we thought we need a new shirt or a jeans for tonight. I bought another mum jeans because I wore a culottes and the material is very thin. All in all I wore two pairs of thights, the culottes, a shirt with long sleeves, a pullover and my camel coat! It's really freaking cold! In the end we were drinking the whole day, started a bar tour with another friend of us and ended up drunk and (a little) wasted in a club! It seems so stupid but it was so fun and the feeling of summer vacay came back! 

So this is my outfit. I look a little bit like a potato but you've already read what I wore so you understand. ;-)  The culottes and the pullover is from Zara. The pants are from the summer or autumn collection 2016! Unfortunately not available anymore. There's a similar one at Zalando. I have to admit that the pullover is very old. As well there's almost the same from G-Star at Zalando. Sneakers are from Adidas, no secret! The glasses are from Rayban. Earrings are from Manor. The Watch is from Michael Kors.

I'm so thankful for the help of my girls. They always support me and help me to get some good pictures. On a picture you'll see my best friend helping to get my hair on point for the picture.

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