The trend about the healthy lifestyle began, I think, in 2013. Suddenly everyone was doing sport and began to take care about the food they're eating. For some people it wasn't A change because they always lived with sport and healthy food. Others began to change their lifestyle and become fitter. Whatever, this trend is still in and has a lot of followers.

When I was younger I played volleyball but I never took special care about my eating habits. I was young and my shape was alright. But especially when I begun my apprenticeship I had no time for the training or the games and I only had one hour for lunch. I gained weight in this time. I always thought I will loose some weight when I begin to work, but nope. ^^ I didn't recognized what happened but I had a person who made a joke about it and I saw what happened to me. No worries, today I'm thankful that this person said something to me and I love him for that. With this joke he has motivated me like no one before.

It began all in January 2014. I wanted to be fit and loose weight until my summer vacay. So I changed my eating habits and I did exercises for one hour everyday. I ate a lot of vegetables, grilled chicken, fruits, fish, low carb but high-protein. At the beginning it was hard. Not only the workout but the change of my habits. Let's be honest but fries and pizza are life!! ;-) I lost almost 8 kilos in 6 months and got my ancient weight back.

Today it isn't a must to eat healthy. It's totally normal for me and I really like that lifestyle. Okay sometimes I'm weak and eat chocolate (typical Swiss girl ;-)) but this Is absolutely okay. I go to the gym 3 - 4 times a week and I eat everyday healthy food. So I think it's okay to be a little bit weak sometimes. This lifestyle was a good change in my life. It feels so good when you did your workout and eat in the right way. Not only for your body, also for your soul. I don't want to give you advices because I only can speak for myself and in the end everyone knows best what works for him or herself.


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