A beautiful city in Switzerland. A mix between countryside and city. I love Lucerne! As I told you I had an appointment at my hairdresser for getting my hair done. I always enthuse about my hairdresser and the great work they do, so one of my friends decided to come with me to get her hair done too.

It's very cold in Switzerland right now. Sometimes in the mornings it's about -8 degrees. It's absolutely not my time of the year. I'm more the spring/summer/autumn person. Nevertheless I try my best to keep it fashionable. The outfit I'm wearing includes my biker jacket, which I love so much, the fishnet tights, my cigarette jeans, adidas Stan smith and a Black hoodie. A messy bun before I go to the hairdresser is a must for me.

After we got our hair done (I love my ash bob!!) we went downtown because we needed something from lush and the body shop. One of my friends told me her secret for wavy/curly hair. So I had to buy the R&B cream from lush too. It smells so delicious. I will told you my experience with this product in a next blogpost. :)


Cigarette jeans similar one here

Biker Jacket here

Hoodie from H&M

Stan smith here

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