I'm the person who always needs a change. now I'm thinking about bangs. On Saturday I have the pleasure to visit my cousin and her wonderful team to getting my hair done. I'm going to color my hair in a grey/ ash shade once again and cut my hair-ends. I saw a blogpost from my cousin about bangs and I really liked the picture of Hailey Baldwin. I think my hair would get a little more pep with long bangs. My hair is very thin, fine and has no volume and that's why it looks mostly boring.

But what I don't like about bangs is that you always have hair in your face, the messy bun isn't that easy with bangs too and I have a face like a full moon (without contouring) haha! very round so maybe it doesn't work like I want it. Always that thinking about pro and contra... I'm going to discuss this with my cousin.. she knows best. we will see....keep you posted! ;-)

Picture from

Picture from Selena here

Ashley Olsen bangs

Kendall Jenner

Picture from Rachel Mcadams from here

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