My vacay has begun and so my best ones too. We went to the city to organise the last Christmas gifts. It was very cold today but it doesn't stopped me from wearing my fishnet tights and slippers. I really love this outfit and I wear it, if its possible, every week. I have this jeans about three years and I only wore them 3 times until now. do you know some clothes you never wore because you thought it was a mispurchase and then you find them new again in your wardrobe and you ask yourself what's wrong with you? I think this is a girls thing or maybe just a thing I have. That's the reason why I hate to tidy my closet out and throw my clothes away. Someday I will regret it.


The whole outfit is more or less from Zara

Jacket (unfortunately online not available), pullover ( similar one here), jeans (similar ones), slippers (almost the same)

The fishnet tights are from Manor but you can find them here

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