I had a lot of hair colors in my life. from platine to black, Rihanna red, hazel-caramel brown, barbie blonde, grey and so on. The fact, that I still have hair on my head is a wonder but I have to say, that I really take care of my hair. the newest and best way to treat your hair good is Olaplex. Every hairdresser I asked is fascinated about this product. It is a 3-phase treatment for coloring your hair and the care after that. All week I use to do a hair mask with this product for helping my hair getting healthy. After every hair wash I use a moisture spray from phyto. The spray has only natural ingredients. It's a bomb of oils and the best for dry hair. I also use the mythic oil which has a lot of argan oil. I do this when my hair is towel dry. The best products for washing your hair is from Sebastian the hydre collection. It's expensive but worth it. I always had the shampoo and conditioner. Use the conditioner only for the lengths otherwise you get oily hair. I try to avoid the heat of the hairdryer. It also helps to keep your hair soft and healthy.


If you want to read about the products I use for my hair you'll find some links below.







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