I was scrolling through my laptop and looking for the latest pictures when I found this.. Pictures I have taken one year ago. I had long black hair as you can see. Shortly after this time I began to color my hair From this black to the grey blonde I have now. Funny how one year can pass by and you don't notice until you found something like this. You always think it's always the same until you look back and see the changes you have made in one year. Why did i changed the color of my hair back to blonde? So I was in Ibiza and had a little hairline of my natural hair color. My best friend saw that and said that I'm stupid.^^ I got a tan in summer and have natural ash blonde hair like a swedish girl. I also was tired of always coloring my hair because all 6 weeks I had a hairline. So I thought my best one was right. So I decided to go back to blonde.  

What do you think about the change? what do you like more, Blonde-Grey or Black?

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