This blog post could be in every category love, lifestyle or fashion. it is always a part of my life and sometimes an obstacle. No tall girl will ever understand a short girl's problems and no short girl will ever understand a tall girl in some situations in life. I am the short one of our squad, I will always be and I always was but that is okay. in some parts in my life I really had a problem with my shortness. now I do not care about it anymore, yeah some clothes are difficult to wear or I have to cut them that I can wear it, but at the end of the day I can wear what I want.

a little comfort we short ones have is, that we can cut it but if there is a jeans and it is too short for a tall girl, it is not that easy to get them longer and I am not sure if a tall girl is willing to do this effort just for A too short jeans or a skirt.

Another daily situation a short one has to cope with is the daily shopping. the cookies on the top of the shelf are well deserved because you first have to climb before you can buy.


Picture via TUMBLR

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