I do not know how you feel about hairdressers but I love to go to the hairdresser and get my hair done. Some of my friends do not have "that hairdresser". My best friend for example tries different beauty salons and she never has the same hairdresser. I have to Say, when I was younger I didn't care about that too, just try and hope he/ she cuts my hair in the way I want it. after all I have found my Hairdresser and I was such a lucky girl because she always got it right. Unfortunately she has quitted her job and now she works in a office, her luck, my Misfortune. I have to admit that I felt a little bit lost without her. 

After a year I decided to change my hair color from black to ash blonde (My natural Hair Color). Guys please, never ever color your hair in such a different way from your natural like I did.  It is one of my biggest mistakes I have ever made.

So okay I found a Hairdresser who was good but at the end, too expensive for what I got. I didn't know what I should do. luckily my cousin opened her own beauty salon In Lucerne 2 years ago. her website is not only about the salon it is also a blog where she explains and writes about the newest hair trends. I went to her and told her What I Want to do with my hair. As I expected she told me that back to blonde is a long way but we can create it beautiful and that is was she did. today I am almost a ash Blondie and I have to say I never had a terrible hair color during my journey black-Blonde. The last time I Joined a beautiful time at my hairdresser I got highlights with a ash shading and two braids.


my Swiss and German people check out the website of her

From Black to Blonde.

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