hi guys so I use this blog post to make a confession. you probably ask yourself what the hell has she done? no, I did not killed someone or something like that haha... what I want to say with this article is that the most bloggers show the perfect life. we read their blogs, see the pictures and think we want this life too. sure if blogging is your job, you have one of the coolest jobs in my opinion.

I want to be honest.. from Monday till Friday afternoon I do not look like the person on my photos.. if you thought I am always dressed up, hair and make up on fleek you are totally wrong. everyone who knows me and meet me on weekdays knows the real me. the reason why I am not soooo on point on weekdays is.... I'd rather sleep longer than wake up early in the morning and do my make up. sorry guys for this disappointment but that is the truth. in the morning I am always stressed because I slept longer than I should and I have to pick any clothes, sneakers, a little bit concealer and powder and go! almost every morning I have to run that is typical me :). I can't help it, that is in my nature.

so guys if anyone of you should see me on a weekday sorry for this sight. HAHA ;-)



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