As I told you I met the tattoo artist this Saturday to discuss about my next tat'. Before I went to his stuidio, I have met my girls for some coffee and talk. Something we really like to do on the weekend. I love to talk to them while sitting in a café and drinking some coffee. Of course I am always happy to see them. After our little tête-à-tête we went to the tattoo studio. My girls are always very helpful and because everyone of us already has a tattoo, they are the best counsellors. I will show my tattoo when it is finished, just to raise the suspense level high. ;-)

later we were looking for a place to take some pictures and this is the result. Hope you like it.


Popeline Dress by zara

sunglasses by rayban

clutch by furla

shoes by H&M


lingering kiss lipstick by mac 


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